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Oboe Lessons

I offer instruction in oboe for students at all levels.  The oboe is both a challenging and rewarding instrument; through my teaching, I give students the tools they need to experience the fun and joy of music-making and oboe playing while learning and growing through disciplined practice, self-reflection, and improvement. Specialized guidance provided by private lessons is critical to maximize the benefits of studying a musical instrument, which include increased abilities in problem-solving skills, discipline, creativity, confidence, and collaboration. Lessons range from 30 minutes to an hour and can be combined with Musicianship lessons.

Musicianship Lessons

“Musicianship” encompasses a set of skills and knowledge that is necessary to both analytically and explicitly understand music in real time. These lessons provide the necessary tools for students to develop the highest levels of literacy and fluency in music.  In our native language, we are able to easily read and understand what we see, imagine how the written word would sound, and write what we hear: with focused study, we can do this with music as well. Mastery of these skills enriches the experience and understanding of musical meaning and develops and deepens the abilities to express and communicate through music. I offer musicianship lessons to music students playing any instrument, not just oboe; this type of study will enhance and complement private lessons on any instrument.  In teaching musicianship, I use The Ploger Method®, a comprehensive musicianship training program developed by my mentor, Professor Marianne Ploger.  For more information on the method, please visit