Hi, all—I’m currently on hiatus from making reeds for sale. It’s a particularly busy time for me as I am working on my dissertation this year, and unfortunately, I will not be shipping out reeds from Feb-May 2019. I plan to re-open in mid-May or early June and to have reeds available throughout the summer.

Happy practicing to you all!

I make oboe and English horn reeds for students and players of all levels.  Though my reeds for beginners are lighter with less resistance, I firmly believe that all students, including beginners, should be playing on reliable, structured reeds that function in the same way as professional reeds. 

Please use the form below to purchase reeds!  Credit card information is processed through Stripe, a secure payment processing system.  If you prefer to pay by check, please email me with your request.

When possible, I prefer to arrange meetings to sell reeds in person so that if necessary, I can make adjustments to optimize the reeds for the player's instrument and personal preferences.  If you are a Columbus, OH resident and wish to set up a pickup meeting at no additional cost, select the shipping option "No shipping: in-person pickup" when you are ordering, and I will email you to set up a time.

For those ordering reeds from outside of Columbus, there is a $5.50 charge for shipping and handling.

Please contact me at reymore.1@osu.edu or 772-486-8177 for questions or requests.